Bye Bye iBurst – whoop whoop Telkom

Finally my frustrations are over – although iBurst has tried the best the possibly could, it was too little too late. Amazingly, I ordered a 4MB ADSL line on 29th September and within two weeks line was installed and working. A BIG WOW to Telkom – superior service and this does not seem to be an isolated case either – many people mention the same turnaround times.

The ADSL line has perfect attenuation 17db (down) and 8.5db (up) and an excellent SNR – 28.4db (down) / 14db (up) — so it is no surprise that the line syncs perfectly all the time.

The download speeds are amazing: International ping to New York is 327ms (vs 2 seconds on iBurst), download speed is 1800kpbs (vs 285kbps on iBurst).