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Afrihost fined for ADSL network problems

I have been a loyal Afrihost customer for several years, but since August 2014, Afrihost’s internet service deteriorated with many consumers complaining about throughput and the Afrihost executive team skirting the issue for several months without providing anyone with concrete...


Thanks to CellC, Facebook’s will become South Africa’s anti-privacy internet proxy

South Africa’s CellC CEO Jose Dos Santos “proudly” announced that from today, 1st July 2015, CellC in co-operation with Facebook will offer zero-rated internet access to Facebook and a handpicked number of South African websites. In simple terms, you download a Facebook app...


SSL implementation is poor across South African financial institutions

With the recent security issues across many South African mobile iOS applications, I thought it would be an important exercise to establish how well South African financial institutions have implemented transport layer security across their online financial services. Anyone can run...