Format war costs Toshiba 1bn dollars

I would have thought that after the VHS/Betamax format war companies had learned. Clearly with HD-DVD vs. BlueRay Toshiba got majorily p0wned by Sony. Talk has it, that Toshiba’s losses totaled in 2007 alone to a billion dollars – ouch....


PS3: Firmware 2.17 released

Sony has released the latest firmware without much information other than fixing some security holes. Get the firmware from here: European version / US version


Lexmark x6570 – wireless printing & scanning

All that hype about the paperless office never came true, but the notion of the wireless office is rapidly taking hold as more small and home-based businesses replace wired LANs with WiFi networks. The Lexmark X6570, an 802.11g-enabled all-in-one makes...


Announcing: The Friday Picture

In true tradition of this blog’s educational value and contribution to society I am going to introduce The Friday Picture. TFP will provide you with inspirational and (de)motiviational guidance to make the approaching weekend so much more appealing: Over the...


Telkom – denial of service, part 2

In one of my previous posts I raised the issue about Telkom’s incompetence. Telkom is obviously good in even outdoing themselves and needless to say – 8 weeks and still no phone line installed. Yes, the technician arrived (to my...


18 months without a cigarette

It is now 18 months since I stopped smoking “cold turkey“. Interestingly enough, this seems to be the most successful method amongst 80-90% of all long-term quitters. Unlike many ex-smokers, I still believe that everyone should have a right to...


Belkin N1 wireless router

In anticipation of finally getting broadband I bought myself the Belkin N1 wireless router: I managed to get a R 500,00 discount from Incredible Corruption since the box was opened and the manual was missing. Nonetheless everything else was still...


Telkom denial of service

Trying to get decent (and cheap) broadband in South Africa is like finding a virgin in a brothel. Mobile and wirless technologies are good but the latency associated with such service is unbearable when playing games online. If you have...


Yamaha YSP-4000 – surround sound bar

I hate cables and clutter – and this was reason enough in the past not to get a 5.x/7.x surround system – too many cables, speakers and clutter. Until I came across the Yamaha YSP-4000: Yamaha rammed 40 1.5 inch...