WordPress plugin – Google Analytics

The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin, is one of my must-have-plugins in my collection of plugins and is an essential tool for every serious blogger and webmaster. The configuration itself is quite comprehensive and includes basic as well as advanced options:


WordPress plugin – GD Star Rating

GD Star Rating is one of my favorite WordPress plugins – not just because it has a plethora of options and settings (uber-geek-factor), but also despite it’s overwhelming amount of options it is really simple to install and configure. At first,...


WordPress plugin – Feedburner

In today’s post of popular WordPress plugins, I am featuring a simple, yet efficient plugin – Feedburner. Instead of adding rewrite-rules to your .htaccess file, the Feedburner plugin redirects feed requests directly to Feedburner. Configuration is really simple and you...


WordPress plugin – Easy AdSense Lite

Easy AdSense is one of those WordPress plugins you need to have to generate Google AdSense traffic on your site. The AdSense plugin stores all your configuration centrally without having to change the ad-code in themes or widgets – configuration is...


Trevor Noah on Jay Leno

One of our own, comedian Trevor Noah premiers on Jay Leno’s show: Noah gambled with a provocative routine on apartheid and race for his six-minute slot – praising African Americans for “having no regard for punctuation whatsoever” – and earned...


WordPress plugin – Disqus commenting

I previously used b2evolution as my blogging software and one very painful aspect was the managing of comments. Granted, WordPress’s native commenting system is lacks many features Disqus has. The installation and configuration of the Disqus plugin is really simple, since...

Blog 2011 in review - Most popular browsers 2

Infographic – most popular content

My blog has been in existence since 2004 and started off as an experiment into SEO, link-building and website promotion. It all started in the English Beergarden in Munich during one of my consulting projects in Europe where we started...

Who Needs an iPhone 4s 0

Who needs an iPhone 4s?

You gotta love New York for it’s shopping and free Wifi. Observed a “hectic” Skype video-conference session outside Apple’s flagship store on 5th avenue in September 2011:


WordPress plugin – Automatic spam handling with Akismet

After my migration from b2evolution, one of the first “install-and-forget” things to do is to install the Akismet plugin for WordPress. Akismet eliminates comment- and trackback-spam on your blog and once you have installed the plugin and requested an API...


Migrating from b2evolution to WordPress

Once you are stuck on b2evolution, it becomes a daunting task to move your content to another blogging engine. I have always envied the WordPress bloggers and the WordPress eco-system of plugins, but never made the transition due to the...