Android: The microSD card

There seems to be so much confusion going on about SD cards, and I thought it would be worthwhile to properly explain the use of SD-cards. The microSD is a format for removable flash memory cards which are commonly used...


Android: Snow Leopard breaks DDMS

If you installed Snow Leopard and you are using the Android SDK, you will find that DDMS is broken due to Snow Leopard now including the 64-bit Java version and the Android SDK currently does not support a 64-bit SWT...


iBurst: Radiating your suburb

Weekends in South Africa are always entertaining, especially on intersections. I picked up the flyer below today at the Fourways Mall intersection, where Craigavon’s residents created awareness about iBurst’s “cancer clusters”: Pity, that the awareness campaign does not seem to...


OS X: Upgrade to Snow Leopard

I managed to source a copy of Snow Leopard and upgraded my MacBook Air. I am always on the wild and reckless side and shoved in the DVD and upgraded without a recent backup – something I would not attempt...


Android: Push connection to Exchange

Once you have been able to root your HTC phone you will be able to enjoy enterprise WIFI connectivity (such as 802.1X / WPA) and with it, you want to obviously connect to your Exchange server. In my previous post...


South African HTC Dream Hacked

In pursuit of happiness (and obviously a good phone), I got the HTC Dream (also called G1) on my recent Europe trip. Although HTC recently released firmware 1.5 (code-named “Cupcake”), it still lacks a number of features. WARNING: I will...


Android: The development SDK

If you have an Android phone such as the HTC Dream and you have not rooted the phone AND installed the development SDK (just for super-cool geek factor and some tweaking), then stop reading. The usage of the Android SDK...


MTN: Fuck you – AGAIN!

The Most Terrible Network manages to really piss off customers – like me! This morning I realised that my service is suspended! Waiting for the call-centre (a good 30 minutes until someone picks up the phone) I get told that...


The Friday Picture: YMCA

The Friday Picture will provide you with inspirational and (de)motiviational guidance to make the approaching weekend so much more appealing:


OS X: Snow Leopard is coming – get it for USD 30

Head over to before 28th August and get Snow Leopard for USD 24.99 (with shipping to South Africa for USD 30.05). Snow Leopard will be released on 28th August and currently there is no official word from Core (the...