DSTV – High-definition – WTF?

DStv operator MultiChoice announced at a press-release last week, that they will (finally) launch O-N-E high-definition channel on August 1. The channel, which will be available in a resolution of 720p, will be used to broadcast the Olympic Games from...


NAS: Enable SCP and password-less SSH login

DISCLAIMER: I am not going to educate about the risk of doing this with your root userid. This works for me, as I am behind a secure network. Once you have followed the instructions below, you will be able to...


Streaming 5.1 surround sound to PS3

Update (2008-12-23): I have discovered an alternative to the method below, which works equally well (although not as fast as the DVD is ripped and re-encoded) – details are posted here. Wow – it has taken me nearly 8 weeks...


OS X: Time Machine backups

I have been running Time Machine backups as described in my tutorial for more than a week. In the Apple forums there have been discussions that the above method does not work. However: Backups via Time Machine to a NAS...


NAS: Avoid data corruption from power failures

So I got this 1 terabyte beauty of network storage where I can stream high-definition video onto my TV (at a gorgeous 5MB/sec videorate) and suffered on the weekend the first power-outage. Although it was a self-induced incident (lesson learned:...


OS X: Garmin Bobcat beta released

Get it from here. Fixes include: Added finding partial street names to Find Address Updated city search to work for ‘City, State’ queries Fixed issue where some route calculations could hang interminably Fixed ‘Displaying results within…’ string not updating for...


The Friday Picture: Fire

The Friday Picture will provide you with inspirational and (de)motiviational guidance to make the approaching weekend so much more appealing:


NAS: Advertise your shares via Bonjour

This at least works with the Synology products – in my case with the DS107+. This tip solves two problems for any mac-user – SSH access directly to the NAS as well as ensuring that Bonjour advertises the shares into...