Beijing: Biggest cheat ever….

So you rushed out to get that new DSTV HD-PVR to enjoy the opening ceremony of the Beijing olympics: but a few days later we all realise that the Olympics already started with a cheat: Part of the elaborate Olympics...


The Friday Picture: Dirty Mind

The Friday Picture will provide you with inspirational and (de)motiviational guidance to make the approaching weekend so much more appealing:


PS3: Trophy whore

Ever since the release of the 2.40 PlayStation 3 firmware, PS3 gamers everywhere have been clamoring for titles beyond Super Stardust HD to earn Trophies in. While a slew of new titles coming later this year will offer support for...


How to hack your Belkin router

It innocently (like many cool things) started off with the replacement of my current modem router with a Belkin N1 Vision gigabit router: I would have gone with a Airport Extreme base-station instead, but the local Apple stores have been...


iPhone 3G: Sheit – it’s broked

So you got yourself one of those beautiful new 3G iPhones like the one below: BUT…. WTF???? Yeah, no photoshopping this one. If you head over to the official Apple iPhone forum you will notice dozens of posts like this...


DSTV – High-definition – WTF?

DStv operator MultiChoice announced at a press-release last week, that they will (finally) launch O-N-E high-definition channel on August 1. The channel, which will be available in a resolution of 720p, will be used to broadcast the Olympic Games from...


NAS: Enable SCP and password-less SSH login

DISCLAIMER: I am not going to educate about the risk of doing this with your root userid. This works for me, as I am behind a secure network. Once you have followed the instructions below, you will be able to...


Streaming 5.1 surround sound to PS3

Update (2008-12-23): I have discovered an alternative to the method below, which works equally well (although not as fast as the DVD is ripped and re-encoded) – details are posted here. Wow – it has taken me nearly 8 weeks...