South African Internet Censorship – FPB earmarks R8m to censor the internet

Reminder: Submission deadline 15th July 2015 4pm – please send an email [email protected] this: Dear Film and Publications Board, I am writing to add my voice on proposed Online Content Regulations as invited by Notice 182 of 2015 appearing in...


Google’s Organisation structured data markup is broken

TL;DR: Search for “bidorbuy” in Google and post in the comment section below if you can see the LinkedIn social profile or not. You might have missed that about 2 months ago, Google introduced Corporate Contact markup via ld+json to...


LinkedIn – how not to get hired

We have moved all our recruitment initiatives to LinkedIn jobs since we felt that South African recruiters add little to no value in the recruitment process – think about it: a typical recruitment agency will charge a company a placement fee...